upcoming programs

Executive Healthcare Management Program
Executive Healthcare Management Program
Owner Manager Program Module III
Entrepreneurship contributes to a significant portion of the East African region’s economy.
Agribusiness Investor Breakfast
Strathmore Business School will be hosting an Investors breakfast on 6th July from 7:00am to 8:30am.
The CEO Summit
Talent has been identified by various surveys ,
The Effective Director - Kampala
Adding value as a board member
Public Policy Executive Program Module II
While governments have successfully implemented management improvements over the past decade,
The Effective Director - Kigali
A program for the board member or director
Family Business Executive Program
“Familiness” is a resource that can create uniqueness and a critical source of competitive advantage to a business.
Alumni Breakfast: Is Kenya’s Real Estate Industry Overheating?
Is Kenya’s Real Estate Industry Overheating? Prof Robert Helsley gives insights on this.
Senior Managers Leadership Program Module III - Singapore
This program integrates key management concepts and best practices