First Letters
First Letters is a course that covers the development of children who are 4 to 8 years old, the age when their developing personality begins to come out. The emphasis is thus on tailoring their education and setting goals for each stage of the child’s development.

It is during these years that children learn how to reason, so their education should focus on their intelligence, answering their questions and providing explanations in response to their curiosity about the world opening up around them.

1.    Introduction. The Age of Reason
2.    Directing Education
3.    Growing Up
4.    Professional Life and Home Life
5.    The Use of Authority
6.    Television and Play. Leisure Time
7.    Time for Each Other
8.    Influence of Friends and Relations
9.    Educating In Human Love
10.  Religious Education
11.  Psychological Conflicts
The cost, per Couple, for this course is Kshs 28,500.

Couples are required to pay Kshs 14,500 upon registration and Kshs 14,000 at the commencement of their course.

The General Sessions are held once every month, on the 4th Saturday mornings from 8.00am to 10.00am at Strathmore Business School.

Both spouses are required to apply for and attend the classes.

Registration is normally carried out between September and November for the next year’s classes.

Registration forms are available on request.