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Negotiations, what about negotiations?
“The meaning of life is to give life meaning” Ken Hudgins,
More often than not shrines,

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Investing in Agribusiness Program Series
Agricultural value chains are complex and involve growers, input providers, government agencies
MBA - Healthcare Management
The program aims to equip managers with relevant skills for leading,
Women in Leadership Program
Because of the multiple roles that women play in society and especially in the workplace.
Evening MBA
Strathmore Business School’s (SBS) Evening MBA is a program,
Competition Policy Executive Program
A nation’s competition policy (sometimes called its antitrust policy),
Owner Manager Program Orientation
The OMP is designed with the owner managers in mind.
Advanced Management Program
Advanced Management Program helps business leaders develop the professional
New Managers Leadership Program
This program is aimed at equipping new managers with adequate skills
Construction Project Management
To help you incorporate the entrepreneurial process in Construction Management for profitable success.
Executive Healthcare Management Program
Executive Healthcare Management Program