The Safaricom Business Journalism Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program will be an experiential learning and mentoring program.  It will comprise of three components as follows

  • A four day module that will be in 3 phases
  • 9 intensive half day workshops spread over 9 months (one Saturday morning a month)
  • 9 Guest Speaker dinner events also spread over 9 months


The curriculum will be divided into modules whereby each module will be four days of intense training.  Specifically, it will cover

  • Economic Analysis: Understanding, analysing and interpretation of economic data
  • Financial Analysis: Understanding, analysing and interpreting financial reports
  • Economic and Financial: Writing, Translating data and analysis to stories 

The Workshops

Intensive half day workshops, one Saturday morning a month spread over 9 months. Themes:

  • World Economy
  • Public Finance
  • Monetary Policy
  • Capital Markets
  • Big data and emerging technologies
  • Banking
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure and Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Corporate Governance & CSR

A core faculty of three experts in each of the skill areas (economic analysis, financial analysis and financial journalist) will be joined by a practitioner in each of the themes for the workshop.  The half day workshop will have two sessions. In the first session, the core faculty and the Fellows will review the developments in the field—critique the stories (both by the fellows and others).  In the second session, the subject expert will make a presentation followed by an interactive discussion.

Guest Speaker (Newsmaker) Events 

These will be social evenings (dinners) with newsmakers and Industry Influencers. The speakers will be leaders (newsmakers) in each of the fields.

Module 1: Finance and Economics (2 sessions for each topic)

  • Understanding the local and regional economic environment
  • Impact of global economic environment on business
  • Understanding public vs private companies, markets, policy and economy
  • Interpretation of financial metrics, indexes and statements
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Understanding impact investment and social business
  • Varying business strategies and business life cycles
  • How to analyse, understand and communicate business
  • Critical thinking

Key Takeaways For Journalists

  • Learn the fundamentals of how to understand and analyse basic accounting principles.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of corporate strategy, including the role of leadership.
  • Assess the impact of globalisation and technology on the world economy.
  • Discover how to dissect financial statements in greater depth to extract relevant data.
  • Understand the intricacies of the stock market and its impact on the world economy.